At Hearts and Flowers, Scarborough florist Jo Purdy and her team create unique and beautiful floral displays for all occasions.

Scarborough florist in North Yorkshire

Jo Purdy manages Hearts and Flowers from her beautiful home in Wykeham, North Yorkshire. The studio and workshop are situated in the garden.She gains much of her inspiration from nature and the surrounding countryside.

A first-class service

Jo has a first class honours degree in Floral Design. She has produced many different designs for weddings, celebrations, funerals and individuals over the past 10 years.

Sharing her knowledge

Jo’s workshops and demonstrations are extremely popular with those wanting to create their own designs for celebrations. She loves to teach people new skills in a beautiful setting.

As seen at

Jo has demonstrated at prestigious fairs such as Country Living and Living North.

Contact us for a chat

Please call Jo on 07773 693460 or email jo@hearts-and-flowers.co.uk